Instagram Story Viewer

What is Instagram Story Viewer Online?

Instadownloaderpro is an amazing Instagram story viewer tool that helps you save your favorite moments in your PC, mobile or any local storage. This amazing tool is absolutely free to use without any subscription. You can save content by using any device like desktop, mobiles, and tablets with the help of any browser like Google chrome.

It helps you get stories IG in MP4 HD resolution. A story can contain numerous photo collages or videos strung together. Just by entering, a username will give you a list of all the stories posted by that profile.

How to Download Instagram Stories on PC?

  1. Copy the username of the Instagram account you want to save the story.
  2. Paste the username in the search box of the Instagram story viewer tool.
  3. Press the "Download" button.
  4. Start viewing all the stories and choose the story you want to save.

Benefits of Instagram Story Downloader Tool

Millions of Instagram users post their personal moments in the form of stories, on a daily basis. Stories IG are probably the most used and loved features of Instagram. Users can share live moments with the world and express all types of emotions; this is what makes this feature larger than life. The stories IG stay on the profile for 24 hours so you might need an Instagram story downloader to keep them forever with you. These moments can be posted in .mp4, .jpg, .png and GIF format. Here are some key benefits of the Instagram Story viewer.

  1. Keep a backup of your special moments that you or your loved ones posted. You also may backup your favorite Instagram photos by using our amazing instagram photo downloader for free.
  2. After downloading stories, you may apply the new Instagram filter or effects and get them ready for a repost.
  3. You can download Instagram stories and post them on various platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.
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Here are a few questions that we receive the most.

    1. Open the Instagram profile from where you want to save stories.
    2. Copy the username of Insta profile.
    3. Now open InstaDownloaderPro in your browser.
    4. Paste the username in the search box and click the “Download” button.
    5. All the stories for the account will show up.
    6. You may save any story that you want by clicking the download button.

  • Yes, it is legal to use InstaDownloaderPro to save your stories IG. However, using this downloader to save content without permission is not legal. If you are using the downloader to use videos for commercial purposes, make sure to take the consent from the account owner. It is because ethically and officially you must have consent to use the story content.

  • You can use Instadownloaderpro to download Instagram stories on Android.
    Copy the username of the profile from which you want to download the Instagram story. In the next step, you need to paste the copied username in the given field box of the Instagram story viewer. Press the download button, and all the stories of that profile will be in front of you. You can easily choose a story to save on your Android device.

  • With the Instadownloaderpro tool, you can download Instagram stories on iPhone.
    Find the profile that has an Instagram story you want to save on the iPhone. Open the InstaDownloaderPro site from your iPhone. Copy the username and paste it in the box given at the top of the Instagram story viewer page. Now, press the download button and see the magic. All the stories will be right in front of you.