How Can I See Instagram DP?

February 06,2019

How Can I See Instagram DP?

Instagram is a platform to share your beautiful images and videos. A social network is responsible for protecting the data and uploaded files of its users. Instagram does not let users download or save any photo or video directly from the platform. Even Instagram does not allow anyone to preview a profile picture of someone else.  

Almost every social media platform allows you to see the profile photo of anyone. On the other hand, Instagram does not allow you to see profile pictures of others at any cost. The photo will not expand or zoom in by clicking on the profile picture. Profile photos are clickable only when someone has shared on Instagram Story.  

Most often, you may also be thinking about how to view Insta DP. The majority of Instagram users have reported misunderstanding as to why profile photos cannot be viewed. A number of people tend to find different ways to view these images. It does not matter what the reason behind why Instagram does not allow us to see a profile photo of someone is. Well, there are some practical ways to clarify the query, how to view DP in Instagram.

Why Can’t I View an Instagram Profile Photo?

For some privacy reasons, Instagram lets us see profile photos of others in the small circle on their profile. It definitely must be annoying if you are trying to have a closer look to find out whose profile photo you are viewing. Fortunately, by following some tricks, you can preview, save, or even download Instagram profile photos of others.  

Instagram Profile Picture Viewer

Other than that, some third-party services also exist on the internet that can help you view a profile photo of someone. One such service is called Instagram DP Viewer. To avail this service, you need nothing but an Instagram username to preview a full-sized photo of the profile.  

All you need is go to the website, enter the username, and you will see a full-size image of the profile DP. Not only this, but the image will be in high-quality without pixelated. Now, you can easily save the DP to your phone or any device you are using. This Insta DP Viewer works for the public as well as private profiles. 

How to See Instagram Profile Photo of Someone

You have more than enough options to preview the profile image of someone. How can I see Instagram DP is a query that can be solved by using third-party sources. Before trying third-party solutions, you can try to use the desktop version of Instagram.

Follow the steps given below, to preview Instagram DP of someone:

  • On a browser, log in to the Instagram app.
  • Go and find the Instagram profile you want to have a preview.
  • Right-click on the profile DP and click “Open Image in New Tab,” or you can select the “Save Image As…” option as well if you want to save it.  

In this way, you can see the profile DP in a new window. But keep in mind it will be still in small size and can be zoom in only when it is off Instagram. 

Though the Instagram desktop version is effortless, and you can follow the same steps on your phone as well. You can follow the same steps to view a DP from the Instagram app:

  • Go to the Instagram app and open the profile you want to see.
  • Tap the three dots in the right corner and click “Copy Profile URL.”
  • Paste the URL in the browser on your phone to preview their profile.
  • Tap and hold, or you can right-click on the profile photo and select “Open in New Tab.”

You can save the image to your phone from the new tab.

But these solutions might not excite you, as they are not well functioned. So, you can trust the Instagram DP Viewer online platform to preview or save Instagram profile DP.

Over to You

Hopefully, after launching so many successful services and apps in the market, Instagram will function to see profile photos in full size. So, users don’t have to rely on any other source. Some of the services are extremely harmful to the user’s data and personal information. That way, authentic sources also get affected.

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